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Specializing in Gastro-Intestinal Diseases

Do you have: IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac, no gallbladder, good intolerances, or a liver condition?Do you have high STRESS or PAIN?

What Makes Turner Nutrition Counselling Different?

Jodi Turner is a Registered Natural Nutritionist who uses food science to educate her clients on what foods will best suit their body and medical needs. She will not put you on a strict menu plan nor force you to give up your favourite foods. Instead, she will educate you on your best choices.

Science + Support + Accountability = Healthier You!

  • You will come away from sessions with a deeper understanding of how the body uses nutrients.
  • You will change your lifestyle for the rest of your life because Jodi teaches you how to create balance.
  • You will enjoy all the foods you love and be inspired to try new recipes.
  • If you have a question between sessions, just email!
  • Not located in Ottawa? No problem, services are available by phone or virtually over Skype for your convenience!

Book an appointment today and learn how to eat to rebalance your body

phone: 613-799-3131

email: jodi@ottawa-nutritionist.com

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What others are saying

During my sessions with Jodi, I received tons of great advice and tips which can easily be incorporated into my food and nutrition routines. She provided me with helpful, customized advice that pertained directly to my health concern, which really helped get me back on track and thinking about the foods I eat and why I eat them. She clearly explained the reasons behind her recommendations, with plenty of opportunity for me to ask questions. I would absolutely recommend Jodi's services for anyone who would like to take control of their own health and nutrition.~ L.C.

Jodi is the most knowledgable and supportive nutritionist I have ever met!  She helped me achieve my goals. No more bloated tummy! ~ H

I just want to say thank you. I'm feeling awesome thanks to Jodi. ~ M.P.

Jodi has helped me learn so much about nutrition. She makes it easy to implement into my every day life as well. I feel fantastic, the best I have ever felt in my life. ~ N.B.

I'm amazed at the difference Jodi has made in my life. ~ R.K.